Private Information Top Secret

The WHOIS service allows spammers to generate Domain related spam. Add the possibility of stalkers, harassment and data mining to that and you have quite a good reason to be alarmed. e-mail address, phone number and address. You have the full authority to initiate any administrative action any time. The seemingly Wild West nature of the Internet belies an intricate set of rules under the hood that are strictly followed in order to make sure the cogs fit and keep on turning. Setting up your desired name servers and the legal right to resolve any disputes regarding the domain name. Some of the firms that enable domain name servers to offer this anonymity are Domains by Proxy and eNom’s «ID Protect» service. The Domain registrar then replaces your true information in the WHOIS directory with proxy information including. These WHOIS directories are publicly available and designed so anyone anywhere can access these Domain records. These benefits include but are not limited to selling, canceling, renewing or transferring your domain… There really isn’t any excuse not to benefit from this value-added service. In doing so, in accordance with the broad policy set by ICANN, all of your details including phone numbers, e-mail addresses and physical mailing address will be made available to the general public in the aforementioned WHOIS directory. ICANN, the organization responsible for the global Internet system, requires Domain Name Registrars to maintain a WHOIS directory for all registered domains. One such element that falls under the scope of these rules is a Domain Name. Domain Names represent an IP (Internet Protocol) which in turn could represent a web host, a web site itself and any other resource that communicates through the world wide web. Whatever good this oft criticized policy might do is mitigated by the fact that any person with malafide intent can manipulate your WHOIS information for his own unwholesome plans. The level of security and the piece of mind that this additional security layer affords adds great value to your digital assets. This WHOIS Privacy creates a firewall that insures only genuine requests for your true identity can have access to that sensitive information.

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